Quotation1 I'll deal with you later, LOSER. Quotation2

This is Zor.


Zor is the spy of the Deadly Six. He is the fifth one to be fought. For more info, click here.


  • He is the fifth one to be fought.
  • He is the final one to be fought before you fight the leader of the Deadly Six.
  • Players think Zor as an emo.
  • He is presumed dead.
  • Since that when Sonic pulls any of the switches, the ledges will break and the roof will on top of Zor and he sank in the lava, predictably incinerated.
  • Strangely, when after his defeat, he says:¨I lived for death's cold embrace¨, he welcomes his doom.
    • This is weird due to the fact that there is no villain so far to welcome his defeat.
      • Then again, Shen from Kung Fu Panda didn't move while he had a chance when a statue fell on him, making him deceased.
        • So, he welcome his doom, like Zor.
  • When Eggman said that he will control the Zeti once again, he was referring to the Deadly Six.
    • This could mean that all of the Deadly Six might have survived.
      • But, due to the fact of Zor's final line and his defeat, Zor is otherwise.

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