What is Wikia?

Wikia is a place that tells about your favorite characters, like Sonic, Mario, Goku, Sora, Kirby, Solid Snake and more.

Creating an Account

To create one, click here. Then, you will have to log in into your e-mail account. Check the Wikia e-mail and then click the link below. Then, you just have to log in again in order to complete it. If you delete the e-mail before finishing it, you would not get that account and have to sign up again with a different username and password. Using the same username would not work.

Creating a Wiki

Before Starting

  • Plan your wiki project and decide what it will be about.
  • Check to see if a wiki already exists on the topic you want to cover by searching for it. It's better to work within a community of others than alone.
  • Read Wikia's terms of use — become familiar with what is ok and what isn't.
  • Read Wikia's Wiki creation policy — wikis must be freely licensed, publicly editable, and free of abuse.

Creating the Wiki

1)Click on the Start a wiki button in the toolbar at the top of the page. This button brings you to the the creation form. 2)Decide on a name for the wiki. — To help users find you in search engines, it's best to use the most common keywords for your topic. (Hint: don't use -pedia, or obscure names). The word "Wiki" will be added to the end, because this is also important to help your rankings. 3)Choose the URL or address for your site — Similar to the name, the URL or web address you choose for your site will affect how easy it is for people to find your site and understand what it is about. 4)Describe your wiki's topic briefly. 5)Choose a category that best describes the subject of your wiki. 6)Choose a theme (you can skip this and choose or make a personalized one later) 7)Congratulations! You've now created a wiki!

Personalizing your Wiki

You can personalize the following now or later:

All of these things can be changed later if you or your community decide upon it.

Creating a Page

Standard Layout

Source Vision

[[File:Placeholder|video|right|300px]] [[File:Placeholder|right|300px]] 
Write the first paragraph of your page here.

==Section heading==

Write the first section of your page here.

==Section heading==

Write the second section of your page here.

Visual Vision

Write the first paragraph of your page here.

Section heading

Write the first section of your page here.

Section heading

Write the second section of your page here.

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