Quotation1 I wanna be normal! The only normal one is Jack-Jack, and he's not even toilet trained! Quotation2
Violet Parr
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Violet Parr

Violet Parr in Disney Infinity.


Violet reading a magazine.


Violet Parr(also know as Vi) is Dash's sister. She was inspired from Invisible Woman from Marvel. She was born at May 10, 1990. For more info, click here.


Her appearance is slender, long and skinny with a small waistline with a circular head with large blue eyes, fair complexion, and straight raven-black hair.


She is shy, solitary, insecure, stubborn, outspoken, reluctant, sarcastic, and tomboyish.

Current Fate

She gains confidence and and gets Tony to ask her out.


Her weapons are force fields and invisibility.

Powers and Abilities

She possesses the ability to generate transparent force fields of psionic energy and render herself and others invisible.


She likes being on her own and feeling appreciated and respected.


She dislikes Dash's mischief, being exposed, being shouted at, being exploited, being disrespected and being command at.


Her enemy so far is Syndrome.


Her allies are Bob/Mr. Incredible, Helen/Elastigirl, Dash, Jack-Jack, her love interest Tony Rydinger, Kari McKeen, Frozone, and Rick Dicker.


Her relatives are Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash and Jack-Jack.

Current Goal

Her current goal is to become normal.


She is good.


Like Spidey, she is both a student and a superhero.



  • She is the #18 greatest Disney Heroine.
  • She is similar to both Raven and Zor.
    • Raven and Violet likes being by themselves.
      • Also, Zor and Violet(in the beginning of the movie)'s hair covered one of their eye.

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