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1000px-Ben 11 year old


Toon Ben is Ben 10's old version of himself until Ben 10: Alien Force, when he is in his Teen State. He does appears in flashbacks and when he meets his older self if there are fighting enemies that control time, like Eon.


Toon Ben haves brown hair with green eyes, pale skin with a white-with-black shirt, green jeans and black-and-white shoes.

In the Ben 10 Series

Ben 10

Ben 10 Ben

Toon Ben in the original series.

He is 10 years old(close to 11 according to him) and is close to his latest design.


  • According to Furi3210123, Toon Ben would appear as an unlockable character if he creates a Super Smash Bros. spin-off game, like SSF2.

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