Sonic Jump 2 Cover

Title screen of Sonic Jump 2.


Sonic Jump 2 is a mobile phone game released as part of the Sega Mobile service offered by Sega. This game is a sequel to Sonic Jump. A remake of Sonic Jump was later released in 2012.


Like the first, Robotnik is out to destroy the planet, and to stop him, the player as Sonic must jump from platform to platform, rising up the screen to the top. If Sonic hits the bottom of the screen, he loses a life - collecting fifty Rings gains one back. New to this game is a fragment of Chaos Emerald in each level - to collect it, you must finish the act with at least fifty Rings. There are seven levels of increasing difficulty, with the seventh only unlocked when the player has six Chaos Emeralds. Contrary to the game's instruction set, there is no secret reward for acquiring all seven Chaos Emeralds.


  • For some reason, the Cyan Chaos Emerald is replaced with a Black Emerald.
  • This game uses Sonic Advance 1-3's Sonic sprites.
  • Unlike the first game, Sonic's eyes are now colored correctly, as in the first game they were colored blue.
  • The game is almost just like the first Sonic Jump, except that the story was cut out and that the bosses take more hits.
  • Unlike other Sonic games, Sonic earns a life by collecting 50 Rings as opposed to 100 Rings.

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