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This is Sheath Knight.

Sheath Knight


The Sheath Knight is able to materialize the legendary "Conwell" sword at will after harnessing its power, allowing him to attack with two swords at any time and inflict endless amounts of hits in an instant with his new combos not thought possible before.


Already a veteran of many battles at a young age, Elsword still feels the need to become even stronger, and the need to create his own sword-fighting art. During his quests, he discovers an ancient hidden treasure, a scabbard named Conwell.

This scabbard was imbued by its creator with the power to summon a second great sword at will. With this power, Elsword could wield 2 massive swords at the same time and become a peerless warrior. Elsword makes a pact with the mystical scabbard and quickly begins to develop his own fighting style using the dual-wielding technique.

Elsword travels the land of Elrios with friends in search of the El, making a name for himself wherever he goes. People of the land soon begin to talk of the great swordsman who travels with the magic scabbard Conwell - the Sheath Knight.

First Class Advancement

Elsword is required to be Lv15 to begin his first class advancement. After completing the Knight quest chain, Elsword can decide between advancing as a Sword Knight, Magic Knight, or Sheath Knight.

Sheath Knight

  • 1)Talk to Hoffman in Elder.
  • 2)Clear 2-3 on Very Hard within 10 minutes (☆☆☆).
  • 3)Clear 2-4 on Very Hard (☆☆☆).
  • 4)Collect 1 drop from Wally No.8 (Boss) from 2-5 on Very Hard (☆☆☆).

Upon reaching level 35, a Sheath Knight can job advance to a Infinity Sword.


Coming Soon.


  • Elsword does not regularly carry his Conwell, and instead summons it when attacking via a special rune.
    • The rune that is used summons a "sheath" from which the Conwell is pulled, thus the name of the class.
  • Unlike other Elsword's first class, his Sheath Knight's Promotional Sword doesn't transform when in Awakening Mode.
  • Sheath Knight is one of the classes that has the ability to burn mana from their opponents with the aid of a skill. Other classes with the same ability includes; Magic Knight/Rune Slayer, and Pyro Knight.
  • Sheath Knight's Conwell attacks will not give mana nor contribute knockdown. The opposite is true with Infinity Sword.
  • In NA, Cornwell has been renamed to Conwell.

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