200px-Sailor DeeKSSU

Sailor Dee´s appearence.

Sailor Dee is a  Waddle Dee who use to work for Meta Knight. Unlike in the Kirby series, he appears to be evil. For example, he was Blade Slayer, just that he was wearing gadgets to make him taller so Blade Slayer will not be somewhat a Popstar creature. It is unknown how he become more eviler.


  • He and Bandana Dee are the only Waddle Dees that could talk so far in the Kirby series.
  • He and Ron bears a resemblance.
    • Both of them are just regular Waddle Dees but have a major difference that makes them different from their other species.
      • Sailor Dee wears a Sailor hat and Ron haves a scar on his left eye.
  • Unlike in the Kirby series, he appears to be more smarter and more eviler.

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