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Quotation1 In return, I'll give you this Emblem!Here, Billy! Take it! You deserve it! Quotation2
Rolly Roll
Rolly Roll

This is Rolly Roll.


Rolly Roll is a character from the Billy Hatcher series. She is a lighthearted and carefree girl. She always tried to help others who are in trouble, but she is a bit sometimes "scatterbrained.".To unlock her in the Giant Egg game, you must complete the Save Rolly Mission(Pirate Island Mission 4)to unlock her. She was sent their to Pirate Island, then received her Chicken Suit, and tried to defeat the Crows, but got defeated.

In Party Ninja Comics

After Meta Knight told Party Ninja the history of his sword, he says that he haves 1 mystery now:How did Rolly Roll obtained that Chicken Suit?


  • She is familiar to Amy Rose the Hedgehog.
  • In the game, when she dashes, jumps, or start driving, she says "AY!"
    • Due to the fact that she was founded on "Pirate" Island.
      • And pirates usually say "Ay!"
  • She is the only girl in Billy's team.


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