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Rad Dudesman


Rad Profit Danger Trouble Dudesman is a duck alien from the Ben 10 series. His alignment is good and is part of Ben's Team.

Episode Appearances

Have I Got A Deal With You

He makes his first appearance in this episode, making a cameo actually in the beginning of the episode, watching Ben fighting Sunder.

Rad cameo

Rad's first appearance and cameo in the episode.


Rad makes his second appearance in this episode. He interacts with Ben and Rook and helps then deliver an alien to an planet.

Upcoming Episodes

Rad have been confirmed to appear in 3 more episodes so far.

Rad Monster Party

Rad would led Ben and Rook to the Anur System, the home of Ghostfreak.

Charmed, I'm Sure

Rad might interact to Charmcaster in this episode.

The Vampire Strikes Back

Rad would be around to see Ben's new alien in this episode, Whampire.


Rad is a duck-like alien with light-blue skin and a blue beak. He wears a beige shirt with three black stripes and a belt with some equipment on it. He has a helmet with an attached black visor.


trigger-happy duck because of all the high-powered weapons he has on the "Lovely Duck". He is also has an aggressive personality when someone stops him from shooting his target.

Powers and Abilities

Rad is extremely skilled with blaster weaponry. While aboard his ship, The Lovely Duck, Rad appears to have a wide arsenal of laser weapons at his disposal that he can use at any time.


His occupations are both a smuggler and a captain.


His affiliations are in Ben's Team.

Voice Actor

His voice actor is Carlos Alazraqui.


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