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Rabbid with plunger.


The Rabbids are rivals with Party Ninja and there alignment is evil.

Other Appearances

The Rabbids also appear in the Rayman games as Rayman's rival. They also appear in there own games. They even have their own TV series on Nickelodeon.


There just like rabbits, but with human characteristics. There main color is white. The secondary color is pink. The eyes are mostly seen blue, but when get mad, crazy, or suprised, there eyes turn red.


  • The Rabbids have been seen using tennis racket, toilet brushes and toilet plungers.
  • As of August 3, 2013, the series "Rabbids Invasion" began.
    • In the show, it revealed some things that the Rabbids didn't in the game series.
      • For example, in the sepisode "Rabbid Market" it was revealed that the Rabbids love eating peepers.

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