This is a Mushroom Pikmin.


Mushroom Pikmin, sometimes known as Puffmin or Toadmin, are Pikmin who have been infected by a Puffstool's spores. These odd Pikmin, as with the Puffstool, are only seen in Pikmin. The spores of the Puffstool cause affected Pikmin to morph into a strange form. Their eyes become pupiless and dead-looking, their skin turns a dark shade of purple and an orange-brown mushroom cap grows over their leaf/bud/flower. Mushroom Pikmin each have the same stats as they did before they were converted, including attack power and resistance to hazards. They chase Captain Olimar and attack him. When they latch on and start attacking him, they make an unusual sound that resembles maniacal laughing. Until he shakes them off or loses all of his health, they will stay as Mushroom Pikmin. If Captain Olimar is not being attacked, he can usually find them dancing around the Puffstool. Mushroom Pikmin don't attack normal Pikmin, only Olimar. However, normal Pikmin do attack Mushroom Pikmin. When a normal Pikmin hits a Mushroom Pikmin, quickly whistle at the Mushroom Pikmin. Then, the Mushroom Pikmin will have a better chance of returning back to normal after getting hit. Sometimes, however, Mushroom Pikmin will die automatically after one hit from the normal Pikmin, making Olimar unable to save them. If any Pikmin are in this state at the end of the day, they will die like any other Pikmin species left at sunset. In the New Play Control! version of the game, however, they will actually revert to their original form and become sprouts.

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