This is Pompy.


Pompy, or referred to as Pompy, the Presumptuous, is the boss of Lost Mangroves in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

Physical Description

Pompy is a sea lion with a mustache and wears a helmet with two spikes on each side. He has two wristbands on his hands and a collar on his neck. The Kongs encounter him inside a circus tent, where a battle between them follows.


Pompy attacks mainly by diving at the Kongs, which they can counter by jumping on his back. When hit, he escapes into the water and starts throwing enemies at the Kongs. He eventually jumps, giving the Kongs an opportunity for attack. For every three hits that he takes, Pompy alters his attack plan, requiring the Kongs to have to evade his attacks longer until his back is safe to jump on again. Pompy is defeated once he takes nine hits.

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