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This is Plusle.


Plusle is an Electric-Type Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It is a member of the Pikachu-family Pokémon.



Plusle bears a remarkable resemblance to Pichu and Pikachu, and a slight resemblance to Raichu. These Pokémon have short tails with flat red plus signs on the end of them, while their cheeks are circular with plus signs voided in the middle. The tip of its ears are red but the bottom is a tan color.


Plusle is a cheerful and supportive Pokémon, always encouraging comrades in battle by using the spark pouches in its cheeks, or even using Helping Hand. It is very compassionate towards its friends, and is known to cry upon witnessing a friend lose a battle. It's kind are commonly referred to as cheerleaders for these actions.

Special Abilities

Plusle's abilities in battle are basically the same as its cousin Pikachu except that Plusle has more Special Attack power than Pikachu and is slightly faster. However, Plusle is unable to use moves such as Volt Tackle and Slam. On the other hand, Plusle learns more support moves than Pikachu, such as Baton Pass, Fake Tears, and Copycat. Plusle's most famous support move is Helping Hand.


Plusle don't evolve.

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