Quotation1 A fated bout with King Dedede! What can Kirby do against his new Dedede Hammer?! Quotation2
Pause-screen description

Masked King Dedede in Kirby Super Star Ultra.


Masked King Dedede is King Dedede with his new weapon. He becomes more deadlier since that his hammer is mecha and have differences from his ordinary hammer.


Kirby Super Star Ultra

After Kirby fights his way through to the end of Dedede's castle, Dedede forces Kirby to take up a hammer for their final battle (though Kirby can choose not to use it by not picking it up and waiting). Dedede then reveals himself, wearing a mask and wielding a new, mechanized hammer. The fight style here is similar to the Meta Knight battles where the similar weapon is offered, and their mask breaks after they are defeated. He does not offer the hammer in The True Arena. Upon defeat, King Dedede is sent flying in a similar fashion to when he lost in Spring Breeze. He is seen in the ending credits dejectedly walking through a desert under a setting sun, in the company of his Waddle Dees. The desert area is similar to the one Kirby and Wheelie goes through at the end of Revenge of Meta Knight.

Kirby:Triple Deluxe

Masked King Dedede makes an surprise appearance in this game as the third-to-last boss.


Masked Dedede Hammer Spin

Masked King Dedede's hammer spin.

During the fight against him as Masked Dedede, Dedede is armed with the "all new Dedede Hammer" and is capable of a much larger moveset, in addition to a lack of his signature flinching when taking damage (though only during attacks that utilize the Dedede Hammer in some way). Four of his new attacks include firing miniature rockets from his hammer, using it as a flamethrower, performing a spinning attack similar to Hammer Kirby's, and making the hammer electrified in order to send out a wave of electricity along the floor after slamming it down. He still uses his trademark jump, but three times in a row this time. He also had apparently carefully thought up his revenge plot, to the point where he puts an electric cage around the arena, restricting Kirby's flight.


  • In SSBB, King Dedede's down special uses his hammer, but is rocket boost.This might be a cross between Dedede's ordinary hammer and the hammer he use as Masked King Dedede.
  • Masked Dedede's hammer can shoot rocket, send shockwaves, be electrified and haves a flamethrower, making him deadlier.

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