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Mario for SSB4

Mario in SSB4.


Mario is a hero who's alignment is good. He is a human. He appeared in cameos in the Party Ninja comics. For more info, click here.




Mario SSBB

Mario in SSBB.

He makes his 3rd appearance in this game. In this game, his Down Special from SSB and SSBM, the Mario Tornado, have been replaced by FLUDD. He can still do it by his down aerial.


With his familiar red cap, blue overalls and bushy mustache, the world-famous "Mr. Video Game" is about to set foot on the Smash Bros. stage for the third time.

An easy-to-use character, Mario sets the standard for balance. He overwhelms opponents with magnificent jumping action!

Down Special:FLUDDEdit

It appears Mario has a new special move! It’s F.L.U.D.D.

It does absolutely no damage—it’s just for sending opponents great distances. You can even charge it up while shielding. It’s best used in critical moments.

Huh? What happened to the down special move he’s had up until now—the Mario Tornado?

Final Smash:Mario FinaleEdit

So just what was that massive storm of flame Mario unleashed in the movie?

That was Mario's Final Smash, the Mario Finale!

The explosion launches out and expands vertically as it travels, so in order to inflict the most damage possible on enemies, it's best to release this from a slight floating or midair position on either the left or right side of the screen.

If Mario launches this at you, you'd better flee!


In SSF2Edit

Mario Main
60px-Mario symbol.svg
Availability Starter
Weight Class Medium
Final Smash Fire Mario
Tier A (10)


Sporting a brand new set of clothes, the most iconic character in all of video game history leaps into battle once again!

If you’re looking for someone with a little bit of everything, Mario’s your guy. He’s the kind of character that lets you choose how you want to play.



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