These are Manny's relationships with other characters.

Frida Suarez

Frida Suárez is Manny's best friend. They were friends since kindergarten (They first met in Detention) and the both of them always get in trouble with their pranks. Frida sometimes tells Manny to do things he's not allowed to do, like buying a Tattoo Maker. Frida sometimes get kidnapped by a villain and El Tigre rescues her. Frida also has romantic feelings towards Manny in few episodes. Manny's reaction to these feelings don't seem to be too mutual or he is just probably unaware of them. Manny had a surprised look on his face when he was kissed upon by her at the end of No Boots, No Belt, No Brero. The only possible feelings that might be speculated above best friends is his protection of her in Adios Amigos and briefly in Silver Wolf.

Rodolfo Rivera/White Pandera

Rodolfo is Manny's father that teaches him about the side of good. He usually tries to get Manny to be his superhero partner, in which sometimes he is able to do so. However since Manny hasn't quite chosen any side, Manny sometimes goes against his father's wishes and does bad stuff with his grandpa and getting in trouble. But it always remains the same as they both care for each other. Manny respects his father very much and sometime his father even has enough effect to be his good will. Despite pressures from the team in the episode Fool's Goal, his father's presence in the audience couldn't make him cheat to win his game against the Calavera Zombies. The father/son relationship remains strong in several episodes

Grandpapi/Puma Loco

Grandpapi is Manny's grandfather that sometimes teaches him tricks in villainy or showing how good it is being a villain. They sometimes do crime together and race in an illegal street race, shown in Fool Speed Ahead. Manny loves him and sometimes disobey his father (shown above) and instead go with his grandpa.

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