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Quotation1 I love strolling through the fields on a lazy summer night. Quotation2
Lucy 3D


Lucy is an girl introduced in Royal Revolt 2. Not much is known about her, but it is thought that she is married to the king.


So far, the only weapon that is known with her is an sword. If she could cast spells like the king is unknown, but it is likely.


Those hungry soldiers are the best we have. Give them what they want.
— When refilling food
These guys are worth each and every gem.
— When hiring worker
Poison magic. Slithering around like a venomous snake? Why not?
— Upgrading
You just can't get enough? Ne neither.
— Upgrading
The more waves we have the easier it is to defend our gold
— Upgrading
Great. We need the space to store Food or our Troops.
— Upgrading
Clever. Field artillery? Check!
— Upgrading



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