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Little Mac

This is Little Mac.


Little Mac is the main character in the Punch-Out!! series.


Little Mac for SSB4

Little Mac in SSB4.

ittle Mac has been confirmed to be a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. 4, revealed in the February 13th, the day Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze released in Japan, during a Nintendo Direct. He has a special mechanic known as the Power Meter, which reaches different levels of charge. When it has fully charged, Little Mac can unleash an extremely powerful uppercut, said by Sakurai to have the power to OHKO opponents. It has also been strongly implied that while he has extremely proficient fighting abilities on the ground, he has poor aerial abilities, being told in the trailer by Doc Louis that he "ain't no air fighter", and Sakurai later stating such on Miiverse. In the trailer's gameplay footage, Little Mac additionally has seemingly short jumps and what appears to be a poor recovery.

Confirmed Information

  • Most of his moveset involves punches, most commonly jabs and uppercuts. Many of these punches are very fast.
  • As mentioned in the introduction, Little Mac has a Power Meter, that when fully charged, gives him access to an extremely powerful uppercut with claimed OHKO power, stated to replace his standard special move. It is currently unclear how the bar fills or empties, and it's unknown if the meter affects other moves and what effects the meter has outside fully charged.
  • One of his special moves is a strong, chargeable punch attack. The move gives Little Mac Launch resistance, and when released, Mac will charge forwards with a blazing punch.
  • What is presumably his up special move has Little Mac spin repeatedly, similarly to Wario in the Corkscrew, which concludes with a skyward punch. This propels him upwards, but the move appears to give quite poor horizontal distance in comparison to other recovery moves.
  • His Final Smash is Giga Mac, which appears to be a transformation-type move akin to Giga Bowser.
  • Little Mac has also been shown using a counterattack. When used, a red wave quickly appears, representing a heartbeat, and Little Mac punches his opponent. This is presumably a special move.

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