Quotation1 (GASP)!Is that you, Suprise Warrior? Quotation2
Reunited with Suprise Warrior

Kile's redesign.


Kile is a Waddle Dee and his alignment is good. He was entered in the 2013 Party Ninja Art Doodler Contest. He is Suprise Warrior's lost friend.

Kile's form in the entry of the 2013 Party Ninja Art Doodler Contest.


His main color is light blue while his arms and legs are dark blue. He also wears a orange bandana.


  • When in black and white comics, Kile and Bullet the Waddle Dee almost look identical.
    • But, in his new design, he have dots on his bandana.
  • He is one of the Waddle Dee that his arm and legs are different color than the skin.

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