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Fortune Street

This is Jessica.


DQVIII Jessica

Jessica is a sorceress from a wealthy family in Dragon Quest VIII who is traveling to avenge her dead brother. She appears with Mario in the Mario/Dragon Quest crossover game Itadaki Street DS. She is also playable in the Itadaki Street Special. She later returns as a playable character in the Wii sequel Fortune Street.


Mario series

Itadaki Street DS

Jessica makes her debut into the Mario series in Itadaki Street DS as one of eleven playable Dragon Quest series characters.

Jessica Hair and Jessica's Clothings are collectible items that can be equipped on customizable characters based off of her. Jessica will appear in Fortune Street as a playable participant.

Fortune Street

Jessica FS

Artwork of Jessica.

Jessica returns in the sequel Fortune Street as an unlockable character, unlocked by placing first or second on the Robbin' Hood Ruins board in Tour Mode. Her appearance is redesigned to match her original appearance more in the Dragon Quest series. Jessica's rank in Fortune Street is S rank.

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