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This is Infinity Sword.

Infinity Sword=


An Infinity Sword is able to summon numerous Conwell swords for battle. This gives him remarkably high melee combo potential compared to most characters, most likely as a compensation for his non-existent magic attack. He also have reduced MP Cost for active skills with the passive skill, Fighting Spirit and movement and damage buff with the passive skill, Lightning Surge.


Throughout his ordeals all over the continent as the Sheath Knight, Elsword observes how the scabbard Conwell takes in the dark El energy from the infected monsters he faces. This troubles him and leads him to consult the spirit of Conwell on how to stop the contamination—Conwell must absorb the dark El energy at first and then transfer it to Elsword.

The spirit counsels Elsword that this remedy will stir the gloom in his heart, unless he conquers it with might. The red-haired boy’s confidence is unfazed by the challenge before him, and he lets Conwell do what must be done. In time, the dark El energy changes them both in ability, empowering Elsword—now known as the Infinity Sword—to multiply the scabbard and call on an unlimited number of swords.

Second Class Advancement

At Lv35, Sheath Knight can advance into Infinity Sword. The second class advancement quest is obtained from Ariel, the event NPC located in every town.

Infinity Sword

  • 1)Speak with Altera Pongo Elder Adel.
  • 2)Collect 30 Nasod Chips from any Nasod throughout the Altera region.
    • Recommended 4-4.
  • 3)Defeat:
    • Crow Rider 4 times in 4-5 on Any Difficulty.
    • King Nasod 4 times in 4-6 on Any Difficulty.
  • 4)Speak with Lento in Peita
  • 5)Collect 10 Drops from Glitter monsters in Peita
    • Recommended X-3 or X-1.


Coming Soon.


  • Infinity Sword's hair changes color due to him absorbing Dark El energy.
    • According to the manga, the dark spot in Infinity Sword's hair was caused by blood dripping from his head.
  • Upon advancing to Infinity Sword, Elsword's eyes in-game change to a sharper expression.
    • Infinity Sword's Sword has the same design as the sword of Rune Slayer's Luna Blade.
      • Upon the release of the Hyper Actives notably Blade Rain, it's possible that the sword would originally be the seal of unlimited Conwells.
        • This is also shown in the beginning of his promotional trailer where Conwells appear from a symbol made by the sword.

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