Ice Climbers in SSBB.


The Ice Climbers is a Starter character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. There are the only character that is a duo besides Pokemon Trainer. With Nana by your side, your specials will do twice damage. Without her the Belay Move won't work, so do whatever is needed to save her, even if she is in a very dangerous situation. If she is KO'd, Popo will remain alive, but if Popo is KO'd, Nana will be auto KO'd. When Nana is on your side, you will use your side, standard and down special twice. You need Nana in order to make your upper recovery higher.



The one in blue is Popo. The one in pink is Nana. And the two of them get along great! ...I think.

These two move as a pair, with Nana automatically following along. There’s safety in numbers—protect and be protected!

Standard Special:Ice Shot

With two shots you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you don’t need to worry about your attack being reflected, since one projectile will cancel out the other upon being repelled.

This will be a constant source of headaches to your opponent.

Side Special:Squall Hammer

You can also rapidly press the special-move button to rise higher into the air while doing this move, a secondary function whose rate of ascent is also improved when you perform this move with both climbers.

Up Special:Belay

Belay has virtually no effect when performed alone. This is a real example of how you’ll need both climbers for success.

Down Special:Blizzard

Following up a small jump with a midair blizzard can come in pretty handy.

So playing Ice Climbers boils down to Nana. It’s all about Nana.

Like a team of skilled mountain climbers striving to reach the peak, you must honor and cherish the bond that binds you with your teammate as you fight together.


Play a little and you’ll soon find this out for yourself, but here’s some advice— when fighting as the Ice Climbers, making sure your partner, Nana, stays alive is key.


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