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Heidi in regular clothing which she wears everyday.

Band Heidi
Heidi's band outfit.

Hip Hop Heidi
Heidi's hip hop clothing.

Dance Heidi
Heidi's dance clothing.


Heidi Weinerman is Howard's sister.For more info, click here.


  • In McFists of Fury it was revealed that she owns a secret piggy bank, which Howard used to buy his McTop.
  • She can sing and play the guitar as seen in 30 Seconds to Math.
  • In the overview of the pool in House of 1,000 Boogers Heidi can be seen twice
  • She won the Battle of the Bands many times before.
  • Her show is sponsored by McFizzles in Night of the Living McFizzles.
  • She was the one responsible for the Norrisville High Talent Show in So you Think you can Stank.
  • She is the host of The Rap Battle in Hip Hopocalypse Now.
  • Heidi is similar to Jazz Fenton from Danny Phantom and Candace Flynn from Phineas and Ferb because they are both bossy teenage girls, both redheads, and they are both older sisters to the main characters (on the other hand, Heidi is the sister of the protagonist's best friend, unlike Jazz Fenton and Candace Flynn ).
  • Heidi's worst fear is looking like her mom when she is older - fat and slow.
  • When Howard told everyone to act natural as Bash came over in Pranks for Nothing, she does hand gestures. Later, the Prankzooka turns her cellphone into large speakers.
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