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Gligar is a Ground/Flying-type Pokémon introduced in Generation II. It is based on a combination of a scorpion and a bat. Gligar is able to learn not only Ground and Flying moves, but it is also able to learn quite a few Poison moves, as well. Despite having wings, it cannot learn Fly. Gligar can have two abilities as of Generation IV: Hyper Cutter or Sand Veil. Gligar gained an evolved form, Gliscor in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl for the Nintendo DS.

In Anime

Ash caught a Gligar in the 64th episode of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. He got it since that Gligar refused to return to its forest and because it liked Ash. This particular Gligar often stuck out its tongue and loved to eat berries. Gligar also liked to land on Ash, and Ash was usually knocked onto the floor because Gligar had a tough shell on its skin. It also cried often when scolded by Ash, when faced with its fear of heights, or when it lost to a very tough opponent. It evolved into a Gliscor, thanks to a Razor Fang given to it by Gary.


Gligar is a combination of a scorpion and a bat. However, Gligar use its wings to glide through the air, not to actually fly. Male and female Gligar are different at the 'ball' on its tail, as males' are bigger than the females'. It is blue in color if it is a Shiny Pokémon.


As Gligar

It's abilities are Hyper Cutter, Sand Veil and Immunity (in the Dream World).

As Gliscor



Gliscor, Gligar's evolution.

To evolve a Gligar into a Gliscor, you need to have a Razor Fang. Then, level it up at night.

How to Get


It is rare at Route 45.


It is the same way as Gold and Silver.


You have to trade a Pokemon to get it.


It is rare at the Safari Zone.

Fire Red/Leaf Green

Same way with Ruby and Sapphire.


It is uncommon at Routes 206, 207, 214, 215 and 227 (when Emerald is instered)


It is common at Route 206.

Heart Gold/Soul Silver

It is common at Route 45. This is only for HeartGold. In SoulSilver, he is unavailable.


It is rare at Route 11 and 15.


It is common at Route 19.


Gligar appears to be a combination of a scorpion and a bat due to its bat-like ears and wings.

Other Appearances


Gligar (SSF2)

Gligar in Super Smash Flash 2.

He appears in Super Smash Flash 2 as an uncommon Pokémon that can be released with Poké Balls. Once it is released, Gligar will pick a single target and then use Fury Cutter in which it rushes at an opposing player to damage him/her before disappearing. Gligar will then reappear and strike again. Gligar repeats this process a few times before disappearing for the final time. Gligar works in a somewhat similar manner as Latias and Latios worked in Super Smash Bros Brawl. Gligar deals more damage as he keeps slashing. However, should Gligar miss, it's chain of attacks will cease.


Gligar is a flying Pokémon that looks a bit like a bat. It’s aggressive, quick, and often deadly.

Gligar will repeatedly charge at an opponent at lightning speed from random angles, hitting them away in the process. Each time it charges, its attack increases in strength!

If someone gets hit several times in a row, they’re likely to get KO’d. There is a catch, though: if Gligar’s attack is avoided, it stops the barrage entirely. Do whatever you can to make sure the opponent keeps getting hit!





  • Gligar is one of the Pokemon to evolve at night.
  • In the Smash Flash Dojo!, Gligar's page was put in 2013's New Year's Eve.
  • There was a rumor that Gligar was going to replace Jigglypuff.
    • this was proven false after the SSF2 Developers revealed it to be a trick. Even when Gligar was added into the DOJO!!, Damian jokingly commented that "Jigglypuff should what out, none the less. the Gligar is back".

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