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Ginormica's appearance in the TV series.


Ginormica is a hero from the Monsters V.S. Aliens series. For more info, click here. For the gallery, click here.


She is an Area Fifty-Something agent and an Former Butterfly Girl. She is also the leader of Team Monster. She can change her size and height, is impervious to nuclear and atomic forces, and haves enormous strength and size. She was inspired from Nancy Archer from the movie Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.

Nick Description

Her smarts, confidence, and heart make Susan the perfect leader for Team Monster. The only human in the group, she's the calm in a storm of kooky personalities. Unless of course she activates her Ginormica abilities... then look out down below as she grows into a GINORMOUS version of herself!


  • The name "Ginormica" might come from the word "ginormous".
  • She is based on Nancy Archer from the movie Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.

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