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Fire Sonic
Fire Sonic

Artwork of Fire Sonic.


Fire Sonic is one of Sonic's transformations. It is first seen at Super Mario Bros. Z, on Episode 8. For more info, click here.

Cause of Transformation

Sonic turns to Fire Sonic when he obtains the Fire Flower, like Fire Mario.


Fire Sonic Sprite

Fire Sonic's sprite.

Fire Sonic is Sonic, but like Super Sonic, his fur color have changed to red. Also, his eyes turn to yellow and his shoes turns to white.


His personality haven't changed, but his power becomes massive and helps his friends out.


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His power have become more powerful, maybe even becoming stronger than Shadow


Like Fire Mario, he is able to shoot out fireballs out of his hands.

Fire Dash

Sonic's boost have changed gratefully. His boost turns red and is full with flame.

Hurricane Kick

Fire Sonic's air kick from Sonic Lost World(perhaps, but the series was release years before the game was released) have become greater, quicker, and is full of flame. This can create a powerful explosion.



  • This is one of the transformations that changed the color of the character's clothing. The others are Super Scourge, Goku, Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad's powerup costume.
    • Fire Sonic and Super Scourge are the only transformation that changes the color of his shoes.
    • Fire Sonic's shoes turn white and Super Scourge's shoes turn purple.
      • Goku's clothing can turn any color depending on what Super Saiyan level he is on
        • And Mario, Luigi, Peach, Rosaline, and Toad's clothing change.
          • But the Fire Flower change the color of Mario, Luigi, Rosaline, Peach, and Toad's clothing.
  • Fire Sonic's shoes turn white and fur color turns red due to the fact that Fire Mario's clothing is white and red.
    • And Fire Sonic's eyes turn yellow because one of the Fire Flower's color is yellow.

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