Final Smash

Smash Ball in SSB4.


The Final Smash is a character's most powerful attack in all SSB series and SSF2.

To Get It

You need to destroy the ball. You can use both attacks and special attacks to get it.

To Use It

In order to use it, you must destroy the Smash Ball. Then, there will be a colorful fire on you. Press the Special button without pressing a direction to use it.


When you are surrounded by the flame, you're still vulnerable. CPUs and Players can still hit you if you haven't use it yet. Also, there are a few characters that cannot jump more than once, like Wario-Man, who jumps twice and Naruto who can only jump 3 times, but can use his Up Special move to recover. If an opponent hits you a certain amount of time, the Smash Ball would form back, meaning that you wouldn't use it, unless you hit it again to get it. Also, if you get KO, commonly, the Final Smash would be taken away from the stage so that nobody would get it.


The Smash Ball would appear depending on how many items you putted on the stage. If all of the items are off but the Smash Ball, it would appear every time a Final Smash is finish and if someone got Ko with it.

Types of Final Smash

Hammerkirby This section is currently under construction
Kirby's Cook

Donkey Kong's Arcade

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