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This is Elsword.


Elsword is a master swordsman that excels at close range combat. He's quick on his feet and can hack and slash with the best of them. Not only can he dish it out but he can take a lot of punishment as well. His only real weakness is magic but in his mind, there's nothing a sharp piece of steel can't beat.

Special Ability

His special ability is the Way of the Sword.The "Way of the Sword" ability (initially exclusive to Elsword prior to Elesis's release) enables him to utilize energy gained through attacks and skills into 2 types of auras: Aura of Destruction and Aura of Vitality.


Elsword, an ambitious yet hot headed young swordsman, trained by the leader of the Red Knights, his sister Elesis. Elesis left her little brother to lead a mission, never to return. Elsword now searches the land for two things; the stolen Elstone, the precious gem that power the continent of Elrios, and his missing sister.

First Class Advancement

Elsword is required to be Lv15 to begin his first class advancement.


  • 1)Begin the quest by talking with Lenphad at the Equipment Shop in Elder Village.
  • 2)Kill 15 Bomber Mongs in 2-4 on any difficulty.
  • 3)Kill 14 Jango & Kid Phoru in 2-4 on hard or higher.
  • 4)Talk to the Accessory Shop Owner in Elder, 'Luichel
  • 5)Complete 2-4 on Very Hard within 15 minutes.

After completing the Knight quest chain, Elsword can decide between advancing as a Sword Knight, Magic Knight, or Sheath Knight.


Coming soon.


  • In the Japanese version of the game, Elsword's name is renamed to Els.
  • Elsword is often referred to as Elboy to avoid confusion between the game and character.
  • Elsword's older sister is Elesis.
    • Elsword's sister was originally named Elsa before the release of Elesis.
  • Although Elsword does have magic power in is body (this explain his ability to produce skills like Flame Geyser and Triple Geyser) but doesn't always relies on it.
    • A reason why he does not use it often until becoming a Magic Knight or Sheath Knight, is that he couldn't control it without the help of a ritual or magical artifact.
  • Elsword's backstory is based off of Elesis Sieghart, a character in a separate MMO created by KoG called Grand Chase.
    • According to the Naver Blog, a Korean blog post created by KoG, Elsword is depicted as Elesis Sieghart's younger brother. This relationship was seemingly originally scrapped for copyright reasons as both games were hosted by different companies, but a slightly different Elesis was eventually implemented in Elsword (game); at the same time, Elsword (character)'s place in Grand Chase was confirmed by the Naver Blog.

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