Domino is a female member of Team Rocket. She only appeared in the Pokémon Special: "Mewtwo Returns". She has blond hair, purple eyes, wears a hat, and appears to be around fifteen years old. She has a few nicknames like Agent 009 or "The Black Tulip!". This last nickname is because she owns a black tulip, which she uses as a weapon that can explode or electrecute. She doesn't like Jessie & James (considering them an embarassment) and is one of the first places on the Team Rocket member-list, very close to Giovanni himself. She's arrogant, mean and semi-sadistic, but also very intelligent and has a sense of honor and pragmaticism, sometimes even willing to talk back to her boss if she feels he's crossing the line too far.


Domino was first seen accompanying Cullen Calix as his companion from the Pokémon Institute. After Jessie, James and Meowth appear, she appears to be embarrassed by their seemingly idiotic plan. She later follows Cullen and Ash and company up Mount Quena.

After everyone grabs onto Team Rocket's hot air balloon, she swiftly climbs up the others and introduces herself as Domino of Team Rocket, before taking off for Mewtwo's island by jetpack.

She is later entrusted with leading the mission to capture all of the island Pokémon securing the island itself. After finding Jessie and James in a prison cell, she puts them to work, but when she is fleeing from several Bug Pokémon, she slips on the wet floor all the while Jessie and James are making fun of her.

After Mewtwo erased all of Team Rocket's memories of ever seeing the clone Pokémon or Mewtwo, she was seen standing next to Giovanni, musing about what she and everyone else involved had forgotten.


When not undercover, she can be arrogant and condescending. When talking to Jessie and James, talks down to them, seeing them as nincompoops. She is seen to have a fondness for baby Pokémon, but has no sympathy for adult Pokémon.

Domino seems to be a good actor, while she was undercover, she was spunky and friendly to Ash and his friends. When she revealed her true motives, Cullen was sincerely surprised.


Domino has been seen using a number of gadgets and is a formidable combatant. She also uses an extendable black tulip through which she can send an electrical charge. Domino also has abilities with acrobatics and has advanced level gymnastic skills. For example, during Domino and the others' trek up Mount Quena, a boulder rolls down their path, right towards Domino. Cullen panics, but Domino appears above him, using her skills to easily dodge the boulder. Domino does not use any Pokémon or at least has not been shown to use any.

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