Diddy Kong in Donkey Kong Country Returns.


Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong's best friend, sidekick and nephew.In the manual of Donkey Kong Country, he was introduced as a monkey that looked up to DK and dreamed of one day becoming a video game hero. He is a creation of the British company, Rareware; however, he has a Nintendo logo on his red hat. This is probably to signify the actual publisher of the DK series. Diddy has also gone on many adventures by himself and has even starred in his own racing game for the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS. He lives on Donkey Kong Island. He makes his debut with Donkey Kong Country. For more info, click here.


His species are Kong.


He haves skillful swiftness, great skill with Peanut Popguns, high jumping skill, and can do a powerful Rocket Barrel Barrage.


His friends are Donkey Kong, Dixie Kong, Cranky Kong, Kong family, Wrinkly Kong and Animal Friends.


His enemies are King K. Roll, Kremling Crew and KAOS(not from Skylander series).


Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong in SSBB.

Diddy Kong is a newcomer.

Standard Special:Peanut Popgun

For some reason, Diddy has a weapon made of wood. Is that jungle technology?

This is Diddy’s projectile weapon. You can boost the speed of your shots by holding down the button...

Also, if the shell breaks and a peanut pops out, you can apparently eat the peanut.


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