Quotation1 Boo-yah! Quotation2
Cyborg's catchphrase.

This is Cyborg.


Cyborg (Victor Stone) is a robotic metahuman and a member of the Teen Titans. Cyborg suffered a fatal accident while he was human, and had to replace his body with robotic counterparts. Following the experience, he journeyed to Jump City and joined the Teen Titans.


Cyborg loves to have fun and yell. When it comes to combat he does not hesitate to get the job done. He considers his robotic self to be superior to humans.

Powers and Abilities

Cyborg is able to turn his body parts into components such as weapons and machines, the most well-known being the sonic cannon.

Super Strength

As a result of his metallic suit, Cyborg is able to lift various heavyweight objects such as a plane engine and a couch with ease.

Fire Proof Armor

The metallic suit is undamaged by fire.

High Jump Boost

Cyborg's feet are able to increase bouyancy and enable him to leap high into the air.


His metallic suit hosts a plethora of cannons which include a sonic cannon, pie cannon, and meatball cannon.


He can fire missiles from his back, shoulders, and arms.


With a jetpack and jetboots, Cyborg is able to fly.

Detachable Head

Cyborg's head is able to transfer between suits.

Popcorn Making

His arm can be used to make popcorn.


Through his robotic eye, Cyborg can take photos and then print them through his mouth.


Cyborg can transform himself into many different objects which includes a train and a rocket.


Cyborg has created many inventions which enhance the performance of his suit and/or be used for entertainment purposes.

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