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A Copy Ability is when Kirby sucks up an opponent that haves a certain ability. Then, Kirby will have that opponent ability. If an opponent doesn't have one, then Kirby won't get a power.

In Kirby: Right Back At Ya!

Kirby haves a total of 30 copy abilities shown in the anime.

Kirby's 29 abilities

All of Kirby's abilities in the show except for Kabuki.

List of Copy Abilities

Hammerkirby This section is currently under construction

Kirby's Copy Abilities are below.

Normal Abilities

Super Abilities

  • Ultra Sword
  • Flare Beam
  • Grand Hammer
  • Monster Flame'
  • Snow Bowl

Limited Abilities

  • Cook(One use)
  • Crash(One use)
  • Light(One use)
  • Mike(3 times)
  • Paint(One use)
  • Sleep(One use)

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