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Clarence is the main character of Clarence. He is an optimistic boy who loves to do everything because everything is amazing. He is voiced by Skyler Page.


In a world full of noise, Clarence stands out, a catchy tune played on a banjo with a jelly bean pick. Clarence is the main character of Clarence. Clarence's distinct perspective can transform any circumstance, however mundane, into the best day ever! His beliefs, outlook and experiences are all uniquely his own. Clarence leads with his heart, reacting to life with unfailing excitement and enthusiasm. He values his friends more than gold. Clarence loves everything because to Clarence, everything is amazing. He is most definitely the emotional third of this trio of friends.


Clarence has a neon green t-shirt with purple sleeves. He wears light blue shorts. He has wide hips and thick arms. His hair is golden. He wears little blue shoes.


  • It was confirmed by Skyler Page that Clarence is supposed to be a cartoon version of himself when he was a child.

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