Bulbmin are a parasitic species of Pikmin that have infected a Bulborb and taken control of it. It is hinted by Olimar that it can take on other hosts as well. They can be found wandering the floors of certain caves and behave much like the Spotty Bulbear, patrolling an established path in search of food, and can be dealt with similarly by using sprays or Purple Pikmin. Bulbmin are rare, as they only appear in 3 caves in the game, the Frontier Cavern, the Hole of Heroes, and the Submerged Castle. Mature Bulbmin, acting as a Captain, can be followed by 10 or fewer juvenile Bulbmin. After defeating a mature Bulbmin, the smaller ones go into a panic. They are not dangerous, but whistling at them will instantly bring them into line under the captain's command, and they become part of his Pikmin swarm.

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