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Beast Boy's declaration.
Beast boy

This is Beast Boy.


Beast Boy (Garfield Mark "Gar" Logan) is a shapeshifting superhero member of the Teen Titans. Capable of transforming into any animal (which retains his green skin), he serves as the jokester and prankster of the team due to his immaturity.


Beast Boy is the joker of the Team Titans, often seeing playing pranks on the other Titans. However, he does not seem to realize when he has gone too far as shown when he tricked Starfire into washing his clothes. He also showed no remorse for his actions in doing so and didn't seem to care about the Titans's feelings toward his pranks.He is also shown to be quite lazy and selfish when he wouldn't allow Robin or Raven to sit on the couch. Another instance of this is shown when he revealed that he sends green painted animals in his place in order to remain at the Tower.Despite the Titans thinking he had no redeemable qualities, Beast Boy is shown to be a very loyal friend (at least to Cyborg) when going out of his way to try and get him his coveted video game in . As a romantic, Beast Boy has had no experience with women, but is very loyal and committed to a relationship as shown through his interactions with Terra. However, he is also very gullible and blind to her true interactions implying that he is blind by love.


Beast Boy's memorable trait is his jade green skin which matches his shaggy, dark green hair. He has one bottom tooth sticking out of the far side of his mouth and pointed elven ears. He wears a black and purple jumpsuit which covers his entire body. Around his waist, he has a grey belt which are placed with even intervals with a circular buckle in the center of his torso. He also wears grey gloves with a black stripe over the palms of his hands. His shoes have a black bottom while the tops have a purple color with a black stripe spanning across the length of his foot.

To fit with the format of Teen Titans Go!, his head was slightly enlarged.

Powers and Abilities

"See Beast Boy/Transformations."

Beast Boy can shapeshift into any animal on earth and some animals in outer space like an alien dog.

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