Quotation1 SCREEEK! I vanted to steal Peach's power...But I changed my mind! You are much stronger...and evil! SCREEEONK! Vork vith me! SCREEEP! Quotation2
Antasma Artwork - Mario & Luigi Dream Team

This is Antasma.


Antasma is an evil bat king who makes an appearance as one of the main antagonists in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team for the Nintendo 3DS.



In battle, Antamsa mainly uses the Antasmunchie orbs that surround him to power himself up before using these other attacks:

Bat Swarm

Antasma turns himself into many bats that will swarm at Mario (may cause tripping).

Clone Energy Blast

Antamsa clones himself and one of them will charge up the energy blast and sends it at Mario.


After Antasma gets a certain hit in on Mario, Mario will fall asleep and Antasma will charge at Mario firing energy blasts at him. If Mario falls down a wrong portal, he will have to endure a diminsion full of spiked balls.

Dreamy Luigi Steal

Antasma will snatch Dreamy Luigi and hide him in one of the Antasmunchie orbs. He will then suffle the orbs around and if Mario doesn't free Dreamy Luigi, Antasma will eat Dreamy Luigi and power up even more. However, Antasma will spit Dreamy Luigi out and will fuse back into Mario.

Rest/Antasmunchie Attack

Antasma will hang upside down and encase himself in a barrier and his Antasmunchie will then start to attack. Antasma will sometimes turn the screen upside down forcing Mario to face the opposite way to destroy the Antasmunchies. Also, everytime Antasma is resting, he will heal 200 HP.

Dark Orb Blast

Antasma's strongest attack. Antasma will then start to hover a bunch of orbs around in the air and will try to hit Mario with them. Mario must get into the center of this and jump over the attack or Antasma will unleash a shockwave that does over 100 damage. If Mario dodges this attack, Antasma will get damaged instead. Antasma always does this attack 3 times in a row before stopping.


The Nightmare Attack can be avoided all together if Mario dodges every attacks. Using Luiginary Wall works wonders in this fight as it can damage Antasma and the Antasmunchine orbs. It should also be noted that Prince Dreambert will always heal Mario by 30 HP at the end of each turn.



  • Ironically, his theme music saids, "The Final Antasma Battle". Yet, he is fought for the first time.

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