Amy Gillis

This is Amy.


Amy Gillis is a supporting character in Clarence. She made her first appearance in "A Pretty Great Day With a Girl." Her parents divorced recently. She will be in the 5th grade, but is unsure whether or not she would be able to go to the same school due to the divorce.


Amy has light brown hair with a few strands sticking out of her dark pink helmet. She wears a black tanktop and light sky-blue pants. Amy also wears a yellow bracelet on her left hand and a watch on her right. She is also very thin, like most of the characters on the show.


Amy has a bright personality, much like Clarence. She is also tomboyish and full of adventure, as seen as she enjoyed the pinecone-war between Clarence, Sumo, Belson, and Dustin. Amy is very competitive and a nature-lover.


  • She is currently in 4th grade.

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