Alakazam is a Psychic-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I.


Alakazam is a humanlike Pokémon. It is colored yellow and brown, and it has some fox-like features. It is also carrying two spoons, which it uses to fight with strong telekinetic powers. Like Kadabra, Alakazam's gender can be identified by the length of its mustache.


As Abra

Abra can have the abilities Synchronize and Inner Focus. Inner Focus prevents Abra from flinching. Synchronize allows Abra to give a status condition back to the opponent if Abra gets a status condition. It has been known to sleep 18 hours a day, as it needs its rest for its telekinetic abilities. Abra also can teleport away from danger by the means of using the move Teleport. It can even perform this technique while asleep.

As Kababra

Kadabra can have the ability Synchronize or the ability Inner Focus. It does not have a strong physical body but prefers to use its psychic powers. If this Pokémon is nearby, an eerie shadow appears on TV screens. Seeing the shadow is said to bring bad luck. It is also said that to control this Pokémon in the most beneficial way you should have psychic powers, like the trainer Sabrina.

As Alakazam

Alakazam will have the same ability it had when it was a Kadabra. Synchronize transfers a status effect to an opponent if Alakazam gets a status effect. Inner Focus prevents Alakazam from flinching. Alakazam is known as one of the smartest Pokémon. It has an IQ of 5,000 and has the brain of a supercomputer. It can remember every battle it has fought.


Abra, Alakazam's first evolution whose egg take 5,355 steps.

Kadabra, Alakazam's pre-evolution, which can be obtained by leveling up Abra to level 16.

Mega Alakazam
Mega Alakazam, Alakazam's mega evolution.

First, level up Abra to an level 16. This would evolve Abra to Kadabra. Next, trade Kadabra so it can evolve to Alakazam(the only way you can get Alakazam).

To Get

In all of the games it appear in, you have to evolve Kadabra.


Alakazam is based on a magician's famous magic words: "Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam". Its Japanese name, Foodin, is likely a "Japanised" version of the famous magician Harry Houdini, as the Japanese do not differentiate between fu and hu.


  • If you Put Abra's Kadabra's and Alakazam's names together, you get "AbraKadabraAlakazam!" A phrase commonly said by magicians.
  • Mega Alakazam, like Mega Gengar, gets shorter when it mega evolves.
    • Mega Alakazam is shorter than Kadabra.

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